Advanced NFL Data Aggregation

Whether you are looking for raw data to fuel your NFL-related business empire, or, to write the next great research-paper that will be the envy of your peers: Armchair has a set of NFL stats and metrics that is both comprehensive and accurate. Our data is used by former players turned sportscasters; current NFL team coaching staffs and some of the biggest fantasy football service providers around. It's also been the driving force behind a slew of innovative studies. Did we mention it's also incredibly affordable?

We offer 2 levels of data aggregation service:

For Research

607,000+ NFL Plays. 3,700+ Games. 7,000+ NFL Players. Pretty much every stat imaginable in CSV and MySQL formats. What are you waiting for?


For Business

Get access to highly accurate data that will fuel your NFL-related empire at a fraction of the cost of existing providers. Updated 3x per week.


About Us

Armchair is run by a dedicated and talented group of developers who share a passion for spread-sheets and the National Football League.

The project was founded in 1999 by Dennis Erny - a Toronto-based coder and lover of plaid shirts. Follow him on Twitter, or send us an email!

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From the Blog

February 4th, 2014
We've been hard at work since the closing moments of the Super Bowl and are pleased to announce that the 2013 data has now been merged with the full historical database. We have now catalogued a mind-bending 607,339 plays and data on over 7,000 NFL players [...]