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Data For Fantasy Football Players Gets an Update

The Biggest just got Bigger

Exciting news people! Data in our Player, Offense and Defense tables just got a whole lot more interesting, especially for those of you who use our data to engage in Fantasy Football related pursuits.

Starting in the 2015 season, we will now be providing the following 3 pieces of information in the aforementioned tables:

  • Position Detailed (POSD) – More granular than POS1 and POS2 (i.e., Linebackers are broken down into MLB, LILB, ROLB and so on).
  • Jersey Number – 1 thru 99.
  • Depth Chart Position – Value of 1-3 (1-5 in the pre-season).

What this means for application developers is that you can now accurately build a team’s complete roster within your app and easily link to the wealth of information we provide across all of our other data tables.

For NFL Fantasy Football players, the implications are clear: Point totals can now be analyzed within the context of where a player sat on the depth chart and their specific role on offense or defense prior to the game.

In order to achieve this level of detail, we now update the PLAYER table on a daily basis so the information that is recorded in the OFFENSE and DEFENSE tables will be based on the latest information provided by teams on game day.

Stay tuned for news on more exciting changes coming in the next couple of weeks!