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NCAA College Football Stats Now Available!

Take your draft analysis to the next level with our expanded dataset that now links over 7,000 current and former NFL draft-picks and players with their statistics from college.

A College.csv is available showing year-by-year totals, linked to our other tables with the player ID. We currently track college stats for 219 different institutions.

Our API has also been updated. Click the link below to see a sample response:

In terms of potential for research, we can safely say this is a huge update!


2018 Game Charters Required!

We are always looking for talented and committed people that know football and love to watch football each and every week of the season.

What do you get in return? Well, I’m glad you asked!

As a valued game-charter, you will receive free access to all the data we provide, both in CSV format and via our comprehensive API. You will also have instant access to the charted data as it is entered on a weekly basis during the season, weeks before it is repackaged for the general public. We also give you money towards your NFL GamePass subscription – typically $100US.

You will be responsible for the same team(s) from the start, allowing you to gain an intimate knowledge of every aspect of their offense and defense. This is going to be important as the program evolves! We do not chart pre-season games; however, the 11 playoff games are charted.

Please reach out to us via the contact form for more details on what we chart and how the program works.


Twitter Feed For All Active Players Now Available!

We’ve spent the last month working tirelessly on a new and exciting feature: Twitter content for every single player currently on each team’s 90-man roster.

As far as we know, this is the only accurate record of Twitter handles and Tweets for every active NFL player.

This data will be updated weekly during the season and is also currently available via our API. Here is a quick example of how to retrieve Aaron Rodgers recent tweets:

Stay tuned for yet more new content coming in the next few weeks!





Roster Updates for 2017 Starting Soon!

Welcome back NFL Fans! We are kicking off the 2017 season starting next week with the commencement of weekly roster updates.

Data on every single player currently on 90-man rosters will be available, including:

  • Combine results
  • Hand/Arm size
  • Depth Chart position

And much, much more. Data will be accessible both through the website (CSV files) and our API.

Also, we are excited to announce the inclusion of the following data in September which will help give you the full picture on QB actions and events on each play. Some of the new stats include:

  • QB Pressure – # players blitzing on each play
  • QB Flushes
  • QB Hits
  • QB Throw-aways

As well as some new data on defensive formations.

Stay tuned for more news on a few other interesting projects we are working on this off-season!

Game Charted Data is Back!

Good news NFL fans: we’ve expanded our game charting program to include a total of 16 professional charters. As a result, look for more timely updates for this specialized information this coming season.

We are currently focusing on the following data points for 2016:

  • Number of Running Backs and Tight Ends on the field (aka Personnel Groupings)
  • Yards-after-catch
  • Dropped Passes
  • Missed or broken tackles

This data will be ‘official’ for 2016 after our initial pilot project went well in 2015.

The program will be expanding to include a total of 32 game-charters in 2017. Please drop us a line via the contact form if you are interested in getting involved!

NFL Data Expansion: Injuries

Spring has sprung and with it comes a new data table that has been at the top of the ‘most requested new feature’ list for some time: Injuries.

We’ve gone back and recorded the 5,000+ entries from official reports in 2015 and we will be updating this data weekly in 2016 onwards.

That’s not all that’s new though. Back by popular demand: a detailed change-log (available online) that will serve to keep you fully informed on the latest expansions; updates and corrections to historical and 2016 data.

Here is a quick summary of the latest changes:

CHART: 26,058 plays have now been charted for 2015
GAME: Corrected a games ‘wdir’ and ‘wspd’ values from the 2015 season
INJURY [new]: Added new ‘injury’ table with complete data from 2015
PLAYER: Corrected draft position (dpos) values for 2 players
PLAYER: Changed player IM-0300 to have a primary position (pos1) of ‘TE”

All support files have also been updated to reflect the new Injury table. Also: 2 field types were changed in the Setup.sql file for ‘charts’. They were QBA and INCD which should be VARCHAR(8).

Stay tuned for more exciting news this Spring.

Dennis Erny

2015 Season Data now Available!

You now officially have 697,176 reasons to purchase a Casual data plan: we’ve just updated our historical data set to include the 2015 season.

Much of this season was spent making our virtual statistician that much more accurate and we are pleased to announce that every single play over the past 16 years has now officially been documented.

Please also say a warm hello to the new ‘Touchdowns’ table. There have been over 20,000 of them in the past 16 years and they await your analysis.

Until next time…

Historical NFL Database (2000-2014) Overhaul

Further proof that good things come in large packages too

We’ve been pretty busy combing through 651,312 NFL plays and the results of this work was uploaded last night. Some of the major aspects of this update to our Historical NFL database include:

  • Inclusion of a couple of hundred missing shared tackles.
  • Some small errors affecting yardage listed for kneel downs and spiked balls have been fixed.
  • Instances of extra yardage gained after an “own recovery” fumble not being added have been corrected.
  • Errors on roughly 150 plays where a penalty on the offense adjusted the net rushing or passing yards, and, we did not take this into consideration, have been updated.

These errors where caught mostly thru automated processes. This stage of our analysis is largely complete, which means, the next step is a lengthy manual review of all 651,000 plays to remove the last inconsistencies.

Our goal is to have data 100% aligned with official records by the Spring of 2016. The 2015 season is already achieving 100% accuracy thanks, in part, to input from many of you.

For those of you who are interested, we are offering $0.25 US per-play for any details on an error, either with the key details of the play description or any of the fields that are derived from the description (i.e, yardage gained; passer id; pass target id; tacklers; punt/koff returners) and so on. Plays that are completely missing from our records (there are roughly 100) are also eligible. Plays that contain any form of a lateral are not.

There is a limit of $0.25US payout on each play so an error in the description that perhaps caused errors in 2 different fields still nets you $0.25US.

If $0.25US per play doesn’t sound like much — keep in mind that there are still an estimated 2,500 – 5,000 issues, from incorrect clock times to incorrectly labelled players. There is money to be made here, especially for those of you who can come up with a way to automate certain checks against official league records.

The best current official reference is the individual play-by-plays for each game, available at (season 2001 – 2015). These play-by-play listings appear to include stat corrections (changes the NFL scorers make well after the game) which do account for some of the existing errors.

If you are interested in getting involved with this latest exciting project, drop us an email!!