NFL Data Expansion: Injuries

Spring has sprung and with it comes a new data table that has been at the top of the ‘most requested new feature’ list for some time: Injuries.

We’ve gone back and recorded the 5,000+ entries from official reports in 2015 and we will be updating this data weekly in 2016 onwards.

That’s not all that’s new though. Back by popular demand: a detailed change-log (available online) that will serve to keep you fully informed on the latest expansions; updates and corrections to historical and 2016 data.

Here is a quick summary of the latest changes:

CHART: 26,058 plays have now been charted for 2015
GAME: Corrected a games ‘wdir’ and ‘wspd’ values from the 2015 season
INJURY [new]: Added new ‘injury’ table with complete data from 2015
PLAYER: Corrected draft position (dpos) values for 2 players
PLAYER: Changed player IM-0300 to have a primary position (pos1) of ‘TE”

All support files have also been updated to reflect the new Injury table. Also: 2 field types were changed in the Setup.sql file for ‘charts’. They were QBA and INCD which should be VARCHAR(8).

Stay tuned for more exciting news this Spring.

Dennis Erny

One thought on “NFL Data Expansion: Injuries

  1. The status (both game and practice) reflect the data from the injury report for the week in question and the ‘game id’ is the game that would have been ‘upcoming’.

    So, the injuries table will allow you to paint a full picture of players that were hurting going into any particular game and will not be as useful with identifying exactly when a player was injured (although you could do that with a bit of extra work).

    I think it would be interesting to see how often players that were questionable/doubtful for any given game actually played and if they did — was their performance diminished? The options are limitless really, especially when you start looking at player position combined with the exact nature of the injury.

    Hope this clarifies things for you!

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