Email Notification and Webhook Services Are Now Live!

We have great news for those of you who work with our CSV’s and/or MySQL databases.

Pro and ProPlus subscribers can now benefit from the following new services, effective November 1st, 2018.

Email Notifications.

Manually logging in to retrieve the latest zip packages is certainly not the best use of your time. Starting Nov 1st, you can sign up for automated emails that will arrive within seconds after zips have been updated. Best of all, these emails will contain a link to download.


Developers can now automate the process of updating MySQL databases using Webhooks.

Each webhook is a HTTP POST request to the specified URL. The request will include two items:

  • A Header which will contain a signature calculated from the secret key for the customer
  • A JSON payload

There is no authentication provided by the webhook system, your endpoint must be open, but the signature can be used to verify the request. While the url isn’t required to use https, it is recommended over http to be secure.

For more details, consult the Webhook documentation:


Interested in either of these services? Send us an email and we will get you setup!


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