2018 Game Charters Required!

We are always looking for talented and committed people that know football and love to watch football each and every week of the season.

What do you get in return? Well, I’m glad you asked!

As a valued game-charter, you will receive free access to all the data we provide, both in CSV format and via our comprehensive API. You will also have instant access to the charted data as it is entered on a weekly basis during the season, weeks before it is repackaged for the general public. We also give you money towards your NFL GamePass subscription – typically $100US.

You will be responsible for the same team(s) from the start, allowing you to gain an intimate knowledge of every aspect of their offense and defense. This is going to be important as the program evolves! We do not chart pre-season games; however, the 11 playoff games are charted.

Please reach out to us via the contact form for more details on what we chart and how the program works.


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