Our Passing Stat Coverage Is Increasing in 2019!

Get ready for some awesome new data in 2019 with a special focus on the passing game!

We will be extending our offering of custom pass-related data to 31 variables, up from 18 last season.

For those of you waiting for the same kind of news for the ground-game, have no fear, an overhaul of what we look at for rushing stats is on the road-map for 2020.

In the mean-time, here is the updated list of passing-related data points coming your way a few months from now:

  • Number of Defenders in the Box
  • Number of Pass Targets
  • Number of Pass Rushers
  • Number of Stunt Pass Rushers
  • Number of Blitzers
  • Number of DB’s blitzing
  • Number of players in the Backfield
  • Number of TE’s and RB’s on the field
  • Play Action passes
  • Screen Passes
  • Shovel/Touch Passes
  • Sideline Passes
  • Highlight Passes
  • Out of Pocket Passes
  • QB Pressure
  • QB Hits
  • QB Hurries
  • QB Throwing Motion Hindered
  • Time to Sack (Seconds)
  • True Air Yards
  • Depth of Target (yards)
  • Depth of Target Rank (out of available targets)
  • Coverage on Target (0, 1 or 2)
  • Yards after Catch
  • Created Receptions
  • Contested Balls
  • Dropped Passes
  • Balls Thrown Away
  • Passes Batted Away
  • INT Worthy Passes (reveals defender drops and unlucky passes)

See you in 2019!

Dennis Erny

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